July 7, 2019

For the rich and famous

I recorded this podcast to explain what I do, and maybe through this platform I might be able to reach out to more of those extraordinary humans out there.

Those who do things that go beyond the ordinary and are therefore rewarded by capitalism with fame and money… And If you already are in that privileged stage, I believe you should try to impact the lives of those who follow your journey in a much deeper and profound way.

I’m not a “certified” life coach, but I’ve been deeply questioning and systematizing human processes for more than 15 years. And through the raw, simple, funny, and stupid way I try to explain those processes, I make it easier for most people to understand who they really are.

Yeah... That’s what I do, but it's not important! I honestly don’t take myself that seriously. But if YOU are being taken seriously by others, admired, and followed by so many people that care about your thoughts, opinions, and even emulate your actions… WAKE UP! Be fulfilled, give life a reason, understand yourself, have a big WHY! I can help you use the tools you have, to inspire others with your example to live a great life too.

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