February 24, 2020

The empty drive of success

I believe that there are many people in our world making money, looking for fame, and pursuing goals generated by their emptiness and the need to fill their voids.

This comes from humans that act and do things that arise from their ego, with the intention to show their courage to others through their accomplishments, possessions, and their level of social status.

According to me, success has nothing to do with what you portray to others or what they think of you; instead, it is something intrinsic that only you could measure.

When you learn to love yourself and use your five senses to perceive what’s around you and enjoy the here and now, you won’t need anything external to make you feel better.

I am not referring to living in complete austerity; but rather that when you obtain what you want, it is something that is motivated and generated by love; not by codependencies or to fill any emptiness.

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